Vincent Sheppard 

                                         Belgian Company since 1992


Attractive and zeitgeist spring to mind – undoubtedly one of the first things to strike you when you look at a Lloyd Loom armchair. But you might not suspect there is a rich history behind these sofas and chairs. And yet, the roots of the Lloyd Loom chair go back to 1917! But that’s not all … Lloyd Loom furniture carries a well-kept secret. These refined, but extremely solid, stylish and comfortable chairs are made from plain Kraft paper! Yes, paper. So never say “wicker chair” to a Lloyd Loom – that would be doing it a disservice. Actually Lloyd Loom is the name given to the method and technique of weaving paper and steel on a textile weaving loom. The key to the success of Lloyd Loom or “Woven Paper” furniture can be laid at the door of the American entrepreneur and inventor Marshall Burns Lloyd. 1917 Marshall Burns Lloyd invented an entirely new paper weave, now called ‘Lloyd Loom’ IT IS NOT WICKER. IT IS LLOYD LOOM!
Marshall B. Lloyd sold his patent to an English furniture manufacturer, which started to use Lloyd Loom in an original manner to create a collection of typical English furniture. The characteristic Lloyd Loom chairs were soon all the rage in Europe, too. At the height of its popularity, in the 1930s, Lloyd Loom furniture could be found in hotels, restaurants and tea rooms, as well as aboard zeppelins, cruise liners and at the tennis venues of Wimbledon and Roland Garros. 1929 The Royal box of Twickenham rugby stadium was furnished with Lloyd Loom chairs from 1929 to 1988. 1935 Interior view of the airship R100 furnished with extra wide Lloyd Loom seats to allow passengers to sit in comfort whilst wearing their overcoats, as airships were poorly heated.

In 1992 the Belgian Company Vincent Sheppard decided to pick up the thread of this remarkable tradition and craftsmanship. Vincent Sheppard created a dazzling collection of contemporary furniture that blended classic lines with elegant innovation. The success is immense. Not wanting to take half measures the company strived to control not only the design of the furniture but also the entire production process. By setting up a private production facility in Cirebon, Indonesia, Vincent Sheppard eventually became one of the very few vertically integrated Lloyd Loom manufacturers.

In the fully owned production facility in Cirebon, Indonesia, almost 400 skilled workers hand make the furniture. Indonesia is the natural home of rattan and the Cirebon area has a celebrated tradition of hand making furniture with rattan. The origin of all raw materials is controlled which enabled Vincent Sheppard to attain the FSC label in 2013. Characteristic for the Vincent Sheppard philosophy is that both the chair frames and the Lloyd Loom weave are produced in-house! Attention to detail is emphasized throughout the entire production process resulting in an exceptionally high level of quality. Remember, each piece of furniture is handmade.